We organize birthday parties at our studio and what is even better - cartoon creating workshop birthdays.


Birthday is something we all have only once a year and that special event should be celebrated memorably. At our studio you can create animations with your friends that offer a great laugh for everyone when watching them all together at the end of the party. The animations created will also be sent to the birthday boy/girl as something to remember and so that it can be shared with others. Even many years later it will be fun watching the cartoons created on that special day.


Cartoon birthdays are suitable for people from the age of six. There is no upper limit to how old the birthday boy/girl can be. Which means that adults and also young adults interested in animation, are very welcome to celebrate their birthdays with us. Younger, four to five year olds, require the assistance of their mom or dad and a little bit modified animation workshop.

The birthday can either be held at our studio (Nukufilmi Lastestuudio) or we can come to any other location suitable for you.

There is a selection of various birthday packages, in which you can try different types of animation. So if you have already celebrated your birthday with us before then check out what other exciting opportunities we have. All the birthday workshops last for 2,5 hours and in addition to the techniques listed below we learn what is pixilation and how it works and take a moving picture of the birthday group.


Birthday “Laying puppets” is a traditional workshop introducing the use of cut-outs, it never fails to impress. From our perspective in the world of that kind of animation everything is flat on the table. But those characters will not be able to lay for long, because even in a flat world a lot can happen.

NEW! Birthday “Sharp Pencil” is the best choice for drawing enthusiasts. Drawing animation is the one that offers the most opportunities for going crazy with your amazing ideas and there are no laws of gravity or physics in drawn animation.

Birthday “Feet On The Ground” brings to life and up on their feet much heavier and chubbier puppets. Here we use modelling clay to form our characters. As we all know, it is possible to make anything that our mind and fingers let us, out of clay.

Birthday “Head In The Clouds” can really get your head and the rest of you in clouds. Or even somewhere higher like the cosmos or instead take you to the depths of ocean. Here is where we use the green screen, experiment with special effects and make movie magic. 


Usually we celebrate birthdays on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but if that does not work for you at all, let us know and we can figure something out together.